from microbiology to advanced chromatography technology


We are focused on the innovation of chemical purification and industrial processes. High-performance chromatography, flow chemistry, process study and design, recombinant DNA technology are common tools in BioC-Chem Solution activity.

We have the expertise to address all your purification needs, from milligrams to hundreds of grams

• Analytical reference standards preparation
• Isolation and identification of impurities 
• Pure compounds from complex natural matrices
• Industrial chromatographic process development 

We commercialize and have analytical reference standards for the market
• Teicoplanin
• Ramoplanin
• Lysergic acid
• A40926 
• Dalbavancin
• Thermorubin
• Kirromycin
• GE2270 

We improve your reaction’s selectivity and streamline your processes by investigating the underlying mechanisms and exploiting them.

• Identification of critical process parameters
• Quality by Design
• Kinetic studies to have a better understanding of chemistry. 
• Flow chemistry
• High-pressure reactions

We can help your company to develop tailor-made enzymes and provide assistance for their industrial production and application.

• Deacylations
• Selective oxidations 
• Extremophiles derived enzymes performing new chemical transformations or have improved tolerance towards temperature, pH and organic solvents

Our ability to manipulate uncommon microorganisms (purification, mutagenesis and selection, gene directed modifications) allows the rapid introduction of the microorganisms in the industrial processes cycle.From the simple production of microbial biomass for bioremediation or crop field application to the production of the most complex secondary metabolites are common challenges in our activity .
We have developed proprietary strains and bioprocesses for the preparation of microbial products. The most representatives in our pipeline are:

Secondary metabolites
• Dalbavancin. Lantabiotics, Teicoplanin, Ramoplanin.
  Thermorubin Anidulafungin
• Glycopeptides
• Ergot alkaloids and derivatives
• Statins
• Mycophenolic acid
• Echinocandins

High-value enzyme
• Transglutaminase
• Peroxidases and laccases
• Proteases for enzyme therapy

Functional Molecules
• Biosurfactants

Cell & Biomass
• Luminescent Microorganisms
• Biomass for in situ bioremediation
• Spores (bacterial and fungal) for agriculture 

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