from microbiology to advanced chromatography technology


“Our chemical and microbiological laboratories provide analytical and technical support for the quality control of each phase of the process and final products.”


• Shakers for flask fermentations
• Deep Freezing storage equipment (-80°C)
• Spectrophotometers UV-VIS
• Microscopes and Stereomicroscopes
• Clean benches for microbiology 


• Homogenizers
• PCR machines
• Thermomixer
• Petri dishes Incubators
• Fermenters of various size, from laboratory scale (1 and 15 litres) to pilot (200 litres) equipped with temperature, pH, pO2, air, pressure, stirring controls and regulations. 

Downstream and Recovery 

Downstream equipment 
• Industrial centrifuges
• Microfilters
• Ultrafilters and nanofilters
• Reverse osmosis devices
• Filter-driers and bell filters. 


Purification equipment
• Chromatographic columns for tests from lab to pilot plant scale,
• Preparative HPLCs
• Systems for crystallization
• Lyofilizers
• Under vacuum concentrators 

Quality and Control

• HPLC analytical multi-detectors
• HPLC analytical with DAD detectors
• GPC Chromatography for macromolecule analysis 


• pHmeters
• Karl Fisher analyzers 

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